On 6th June, a special performance for the anniversary of D-Day was rung as part of our weekly 'Ringing Together' session. The bells were rung in rounds (descending scale), and one by one they dropped out until just the tenor, the heaviest bell, was tolling for those lost in the D-Day landings. This produces a mournful and rather moving effect. What made this more special, was that all the ringers were inexperienced, and ringing together without any of the helpers for this performance. Well done to them all.

Bell Sunday is for congregations to learn more about their bells and ringers, and this year we took part. On 12th May, a display was set up in the South Aisle for browsing over coffee after the service, and a demonstration/ have-a-go was put on in the ringing chamber. Six people took advantage of this, hearing about our Ringing Centre and how it's used every day of the week; dipping into the fascinating world of change ringing, and having a go at 'chiming' all the bells (including the old service bell). Some even climbed up to the bells themselves (under careful supervision). All seemed to enjoy themselves and learn a lot.


On 11th May, three of our newer ringers took part in a St Clement's team at the District Striking Contest at Stapleford. This was a friendly event to which all were welcome. We rang rounds for about 5 minutes, and were awarded the Association President's Award for the most improvement! I was so proud of our learners, two of whom had never rung at another tower. All bells feel different to ring, a bit like cars are to drive. Ringing at different towers becomes easier the more you do it. Well done Lucy, Chris and Aileen!

One thing we appreciate so much at St Clement's, is our volunteers. On weekday afternoons, whilst I'm giving a demonstration, it's fantastic to know there's a friendly face in church. They'll be greeting visitors, maybe having a chat about ringing, and offering the half hour ringing experience or even just a quick look at what's going on in the ringing chamber.

On Thursday mornings our volunteers will be ringers with some experience, who can 'fill in' to support newer ringers ringing together. And on Saturday afternoons twice a month, they'll be doing the same. Volunteers, we salute you.


'Ringing Together' is a weekly session at St Clement's for ringers who can handle a bell and are starting to develop the skills of ringing with other people. We have now been going for seven weeks, and are building up a group of regulars, to which new people are always welcome.

Ringing so far has included: rounds, call changes (with simple explanations), setting at hand and backstroke to 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star', 'Switcheroo', Kaleidoscope 'Long Places' and a Standing Game! This may all sound rather strange, but they are just different ways to gain really good bell control, and they are part of Learning the Ropes level 2. Experienced helpers are present, and there's a friendly atmosphere in which mistakes can be made and learn from. Refreshments are included in the £5 charge (no charge for helpers). No need to book - learners and helpers are all very welcome to come along and join in.