12 September 2020

Donations can now be made by credit or debit card - see 'How to donate'.  Over half of the fundraisng target has now been raised.

26 June 2020

4th bell now pledged

24 June 2020

Webinar presented by Barry Johnson.  To view see

7 June 2020

Pledges have now been received for 3 of the 6 bells, and for over a third of the fundraising target

1 May 2020

The project's bank account is now open.  See 'How to donate' for information 

25 March 2020

The faculty has been approved!  Next task is to open a bank account for donations

10 February 2020

Faculty receives DAC approval and the application can proceed to the next stage

19 September 2019

Website launched

26 August 2019

Second pledge to donate a bell received

16 August 2019

Fundraising appeal to members of Cambridge University Guild launched

5 August 2019

First pledge to donate a bell received

July 2019

Society of Cambridge Youths and St Clement’s PCC start discussing a memorandum of understanding covering the use of the bells for recruitment and training.

13 June 2019

Application submitted for a faculty to install a ring of 6 bells and carry out associated building work