The Project

We are a group of experienced ringers based in Cambridge and supported by one of the world’s oldest ringing societies, the Society of Cambridge Youths, which will soon be celebrating its 300th anniversary.  There is no age limit to being a ‘youth’, and with many combined years of experience we are very aware that we need to pass on our enthusiasm to future generations.  We have installed a ring of 6 bells in the tower, and the first floor has been converted into a ringing chamber accessed via a new staircase and a balcony overlooking the church.  The bells are proving popular with visiting bands of ringers, but we still have work to do to prepare for our public opening.   We are currently installing electronic teaching aids and displays to introduce visitors to bell-ringing, and we will shortly be advertising for a part time manager and recruiting a team of volunteers.  All the work has been to a high architectural standard, befitting such a historic building.

In addition to the support of the Society of Cambridge Youths, we are also working closely with the other ringing societies in Cambridge and the surrounding area, the Cambridge University Guild of Change Ringers (CUGCR) and the Ely Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers (EDA).

Each of the bells has a donor and is inscribed appropriately.  This accounts for about half of the quarter of a million pounds that has been raised for the project.  We have also been awarded grants totalling over £48,000 from various bodies including the EDA's Bell Restoration Fund, and the rest has come from individual donations, mainly from bell ringers.

We are still asking for donations to set up the recruiting and training operation and hopefully provide a surplus to keep the project going for the foreseeable future.

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