Our Fundraising Target

23rd April, 2023

We welcomed the Cambridge District for a 'handling' practice yesterday, where several people improved their ringing technique. You can see the screen showing the bells in the background!




16 February 2023

Our monthly practices for young ringers (under 19) are now well established and are held on the second Monday of each month from 6.00 - 7.00pm.  This month's benefited from being in half term week so we started half an hour earlier than usual, with 10 young ringers attending.

Our other regular event, a training course organised by the Cambridge District of the EDA, is held on the 4th Saturday of each month from 2.30 - 4.00pm.  Click here for details of Cambridge District activities.


2 January 2023

We are pleased to announce that our ringing centre manager will be Lynne Hughes, who will start working with us in March.  She currently lives in Dawlish, Devon and rings both there and in Exeter.  She is an experienced ringer, organiser, fully qualified ART teacher and currently a tower captain.  We are looking forward to her move to Cambridge, when we expect to be able to fully implement our plans for the project. 

13 November 2022

The first full peal (5000 or more changes) on the bells has been rung in memory of those named in the inscriptions on the bells.  Each was represented by one of the band.  It was completed in two hours and 38 minutes. See https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=1560109


25 October 2022

We are now advertising for a 'Ringing Centre Manager' - see https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/news-story.php?id=1992.  The advert will also be in this week's Ringing World.


16 October 2022

St Clement's will be hosting a regular monthly practice for young ringers.  All ringers under 19 will be welcome regardless of experience.  The first is on Monday 14th November from 6-7pm, and afterwards they will be at the same time on every 2nd Monday. (Parental consent will be required for under 18s).


1 October 2022

The bells have been put to good use since the dedication for visiting bands, quarter peals outings, a district meeting and young ringers events.  They were rung fully muffled following the death of the Queen (https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=1546838) and for her funeral (https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=1548274).  Meanwhile work has continued on adjusting sound levels inside and out, and setting up a simulator, display screen and camera.  We will soon be advertising for a manager.


9 June 2022

We have bells!  The 6 volunteers who have carried out all the bell hanging and installation work at the top of the tower rang the first quarter peal 2 days ago as part of an extended trial ring.  See https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=1523021.  After 2-3 months of delays we have been working hard to get ready for the dedication by the Bishop of Ely in just 3 days time.

This is just the culmination of the first phase of the project.  Now we need to work out how to achieve the vision of making this the best ringing recruitment and training centre anywhere.  There are some finishing touches required (rope guides would be nice, and they should be arriving this evening), a simulator and other teaching aids to set up, and we need to recruit a manager and lots of volunteers.  No time to rest on our laurels!


19 May 2022

Installation is well under way with all bells in place and most of the wheels fitted.  The photo below shows the treble being manoeuvred into position.

An article about the project has been published in the Cambridge Independent.  See 

15 May 2022

April became May, but the bells have now arrived, complete with all their fittings.  They are inside the church under the tower where they were blessed at this morning's service.  Installation starts tomorrow.


6 March 2022

The rate of progress is building up again after a slow start to the year.  The frame has been installed by the EDA volunteers, and the bells are in Matthew Higby's workshop being tuned and fitted with headstocks, wheels, clappers and bearings.  We hope to be hanging them in April.

2 January 2022

The new bells have been cast and we are waiting for them to start their journey from the Allanconi foundry in Italy to Matthew Higby's workshop in Somerset to be tuned and fitted with all necessary components ready for hanging.  Meanwhile Lodge and Sons (our builders) are well into the building contract and the balcony and ringing chamber are taking shape.


11 October 2021

The first phase of work in the bell chamber has been completed.  The new steel ring beam is supporting the top half of the redundant spire timbers, space has been cleared for the new bells, and the old 'great bell' is back in use in its new position just below the roof.  The builders are about to start creating the ringing chamber.

15 August 2021

Work has started!  Steelwork for the first phase was delivered on 12 August and hoisted up to the bell chamber by our team of volunteers.


16 July 2021

We are very nearly there with the fundraising - just £2000 short of the overall target!  That does not mean that we no longer need donations.  There are bound to be extra costs, and the more we receive the easier it will be to provide the best possible experience for our visitors and trainees well into the future.

The bells have been ordered and steelwork is being fabricated for the first stage of work at the top of the tower.  This is due to be installed in August, and the main building contract will start in October.


10 May 2021

A grant has made by the Ironmongers' Company recognising the contribution that architectural ironwork by Richard Hillam will make to this project.  Richard has designed and will make a curved suspended staircase and handrail linking the existing first floor landing to the new ringing chamber balcony.

It is now possible to confirm that the project will go ahead later this year.  Matthew Higby and Company will be supplying the bells (cast by Allanconi) and fittings.  Lodge and Sons (Builders) will be the contractor for the ringing chamber and associated work.  However we cannot relax over the fundraising just yet - we still need a further £19,000 to reach our target.


13 April 2021

Grants have now been received from Keltek Trust and Allchurches Trust.  Together with a new and generous private donation the total has reached 90% of the target.


9 March 2021

Following a vote at the Society of Cambridge Youths AGM, funds are now being raised for the last of the 6 bells.  With a grant from the Hobson Charity over 70% of the overall target has been donated or pledged.


3 March 2021

A grant from the EDA Bell Restoration Fund means that we have now raised 2/3 of the target total, and 3/4 of what we need to start construction.


30 January 2021

We now have a more accurate price for the building work and the overall target has been reduced slightly.  55% has been raised and we are hoping to reach 88% by the summer so that construction work can start.


12 September 2020

Donations can now be made by credit or debit card - see 'How to donate'.  Over half of the fundraising target has now been raised.

26 June 2020

4th bell now pledged

24 June 2020

Webinar presented by Barry Johnson.  To view see

7 June 2020

Pledges have now been received for 3 of the 6 bells, and for over a third of the fundraising target

1 May 2020

The project's bank account is now open.  See 'How to donate' for information 

25 March 2020

The faculty has been approved!  Next task is to open a bank account for donations

10 February 2020

Faculty receives DAC approval and the application can proceed to the next stage

19 September 2019

Website launched

26 August 2019

Second pledge to donate a bell received

16 August 2019

Fundraising appeal to members of Cambridge University Guild launched

5 August 2019

First pledge to donate a bell received

July 2019

Society of Cambridge Youths and St Clement’s PCC start discussing a memorandum of understanding covering the use of the bells for recruitment and training.

13 June 2019

Application submitted for a faculty to install a ring of 6 bells and carry out associated building work